Dr. Scott Hamilton is a board-certified pediatrician and medical advisor in the dedicated pediatric treatment area within Lafayette General’s emergency department.  Though all of the emergency department physicians are able to treat children, LGMC provides pediatricians during high-traffic hours to best serve our patients.  For more information, visit LafayetteGeneral.com and like us on Facebook. The hours of the dedicated pediatric treatment area are:

  • Monday – Sunday, 11:00am – 11:00pm

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    • Is it a coincidence you should mention autism now? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the federal health authority on nationwide illness, just came out with a new estimate that 1 in 110 children suffer with some form of autism.

      Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), is a diagnosis where children have impairments in social interaction and communication, and show repetitive behaviors such as repeating phrases over and over. In other words, they have trouble expressing emotions and talking with others.

      There are two reasons why it seems that there more kids diagnosed with autism. One is that more parents and doctors are aware of the diagnosis, so they recognize it more than before. The other reason is that there is now a wider spectrum of behavior that is now included in the PDD diagnosis. Kids with less severe emotional and communication delays are now being diagnosed with “mild” PDD.

      No one knows what causes autism. Some kids with Down syndrome or other genetic disorders have it, some don’t. Some kids who are brilliant have a form of it called Asberger syndrome.

      It is clear that autism is not caused by vaccines or dental fillings. The best treatment so far is intensive behavior therapy- the more intensive and early in childhood, the better. Alternative treatments, particularly medical chelation, are some of the worst forms of medical shamanism inflicted on vulnerable parents.

  1. Will you please give me the information about the signs “WATCH FOR CHILDREN” that are being distrubted. I think this was discussed on Monday’s GMA.

    • The slogan will be called “Slow Down, Kids Around.” I will be putting more information on my next blog entry, which I hope to get written and edited by next Monday, 5/24.

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